Sap N Tap - Maple Syrup

Sap N Tap - Maple Syrup


Jack, a local legend owns Sap N Tap a maple syrup company. Jack, originally from U.S.A. has always had a love for maple. He arrived in Australia in 2011 on a holiday working visa and loved the Aussie culture so much that he extended his visit to stay permanently. Jack buys from a forest in Vermont that has 60-100 year old tree thriving in their own diverse eco system which helps create a resilience to disease.

Jack wants to focus on business that is purpose driven and sustainable. Because of this to offset his carbon footprint (exporting maple to Australia) he rides his pushbike everywhere. He delivers maple to Matilda, which takes him 1 hour and he can fit up to 26kgs on his bike.

He is a firm believer in being environmental friendly and refuses all his jars and donates 25% of net profits to Rain Forest Rescue in the Daintree, QLD. 

We think he is an absolute legend, please give him a follow @sapntapmaplesyrup for more of what he’s up to!

And check out his website 

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