Andrew Kelly - Small Batch Coffee

Andrew Kelly - Small Batch Coffee

Introducing Andrew Kelly, the founder of Small Batch, a coffee roasting company. Andrew and his team are standouts in the coffee world. They are dedicated to quality, ethics, environmental impact, and direct relationships with coffee farmers.

Andrew’s journey began in 2006 as a barista at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, eventually leading him to dive into the world of coffee on forums like
After spending a good amount of time at the Exhibition Centre, Andrew founded Auction Rooms on Errol St, North Melbourne in 2009.
In 2010 Andrew set out to establish his own roasting company. From there his commitment to ethical production and fair relationships with farmers has set the company apart.

Small Batch takes pride in being the only small roasting business in Australia directly buying from farmers in parchment form, and controlling or directly performing the exports in Guatemala, Colombia and Ethiopia!
Small Batch’s direct relationship with farmers ensures fair payments of the workers and creates a real impact.

Small Batch are located in North Melbourne but their coffee spans across Victoria in various locations, we are lucky enough to have them at @petitebymatilda serving some delicious brews!

Beyond coffee, Andrew’s dedication extends to family and community.
His favourite go-to coffee in the morning is a V60 followed by lots of espresso and filter at the office!

Please go check them out at @smallbatchroast ☕️
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