Backyard Honey

Backyard Honey

Meet Henry Fried, the owner behind Backyard Honey.
Backyard Honey emerged as a lockdown project during COVID. Inspired by a book on localism and urban farming, Henry bought his best mate's father-in-law business and ventured into the world of backyard beekeeping. What started as an environmental interest evolved into a thriving business that has sustained them for three years.

With 200 hives spread across North East and South Melbourne, Backyard Honey produces honey by embracing a unique concept of hive hosting. They place hives on others' properties, preparing them for spring and ensuring sufficient space for honey production.

Henry and his team pride themselves on the diverse sources of their honey. With 100 different pollens and nectars, their bees enjoy a healthy diet, resulting in a rich and varied honey collection. This honey finds its way into local products such as beer, bread, and meats, creating a unique culinary experience.

The busy part of the Season between December and February is when Backyard Honey is harvesting most of their honey, yielding an impressive 4-5 tons of honey. Their dedicated team of seven staff members do an incredible job!

Collaborating with local businesses is another key focus for Backyard Honey, promoting the use of unadulterated honey in cooking, baking and food service. However, they stay true to their roots by promoting the planting of bee-friendly gardens. Recognizing the importance of sustaining the bee population for the environment, they advocate for creating spaces that support these essential pollinators.

One intriguing aspect of Backyard Honey is their commitment to keeping honey separate from different areas. This practice ensures that the honey maintains distinct flavors based on its origin, adding a layer of complexity to their products.

In essence, Backyard Honey is not just a business; it's a celebration of localism, sustainability, and the sweet wonders of beekeeping. Henry Fried's journey from backyard enthusiast to honey entrepreneur, marked by his marriage on World Bee Day, is a testament to the power of passion and the positive impact small initiatives can have on communities and the environment. 🐝
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