Sourdough Crumpet

Honeycomb butter — 9
Ricotta & house lemon curd 9 Nutella & strawberries (v)— 9
French onion butter & Pecorino9

Overnight Oats

Oats, chia, coconut & vanilla soaked in coconut yoghurt with hibiscus & orange poached pear,
Almond Crumble (v) 19.5

Autumn Granola
House hazelnut & pecan granola with greek yoghurt, milk of choice, blackberry compote, figs and berries (vo,gf) 19.5
Petite serve 14.5

Acai Bowl
Coconut water, banana, blueberries, Açaí, topped with Coyo, strawberries, house granola, goji berries, peanut butter (v,gf) 19.5 add Vegan Nutella + 1.5

Peaches & Cream Waffles
Cinnamon and cardamon sugar dipped waffles, peach compote, Coyo ice cream (v,gf) 25

Take Me To Paris "pah-rhee"
Fresh orange juice, coffee of choice, petite oats, croissant w jam & cultured butter 27

Matilda Avocado
Two slices sourdough, house chilli oil, vegan feta, chives, lemon (v,gfo) 23

Croque Madame
Brioche, free range ham, gruyere, bechamel, fried egg, truffle oil 25

Smoked Salmon Toast
Lemon crème fraîche, pickled onion, cucumber, capers, watercress, dill on thick cut rye (gfo) 23

Autumn Toast
Turmeric Hummus, pickled and roasted carrots, hazelnut dukkah, herbs on thick-cut sourdough (vo,gfo) 23

Mushroom and Sage
Field Mushrooms, whipped ricotta & goats cheese, truffle oil, walnuts, Pecorino on thick-cut sourdough (vo,gfo) 23

Autumn Salad
Spinach, kale, pepitas, almonds, roast pumpkin, soft boiled egg, turmeric hummus & tahini dressing. (vo, gf) 23 
add crispy prosciutto + 4 
add Halloumi +4

Toast (2 slices)

Apricot & Date fruit toast w butter/Nuttelex 10 Sourdough w preserves & butter (gfo) 9
Bagel w cream cheese (vo,gfo)


add Avocado4
add Bacon - 5
add Soft boiled — 3
add Halloumi 4
add Smoked Salmon - 6
add Fried egg - 3


Display Menu

Daily bagels, sandwiches & baguettes available until sold out - see display

House raspberry jam & cultured butter 7
Free range ham, cheddar & rocket
12 Tomato, cheddar, baby spinach 12

Daily Salads

Side 10 or Large 16 (vo,gfo)

Daily Frittata

Served with roasted tomato relish (gf) Add side salad 10

House Made Cakes
Available until sold out

Plain Scone with Jam and cream
Blueberry Scone with lemon curd and cream
Banana Bread (v, gf)
Hazelnut Espresso Loaf cake (gf, df)
Carrot cake with cream cheese icing
Courgette and lemon loaf cake (df)
Chocolate and Raspberry brownie (v, gf)
Peanut butter choc oat cookie (v)
Sprinkle cookie
Ginger bread cookie
+ more daily specials


For the Kid's

Petit Avo on Toast
(v, gfo)— 12

Cheese Toastie (vo, gfo)— 10
Add ham + 2 Add Tomato + 1

Kids Overnight Oats
With strawberries and banana (v)— 13

Petite Waffle
With ice-cream & maple syrup (vo,gf) — 13

For the Dogs

Puppy-chino — 3

Toasted Scraps (Help us with food waste)

Toasty bread bits with Peanut butter — 5

Dog Biscuits — 3

v= vegan vo=vegan option
gf=gluten free gfo=gluten free option

Please inform our staff of any food allergies

and/or intolerances. Traces of allergens may still be

present in dishes.
Kitchen closes at 2pm everyday









Coffee by Inglewood

Regular — 4.8 Large — 5.3
Oatly, Happy Soy Boy, Milk Lab Almond, Coconut, Lactose free milk — 80c

Decaf, extra shot — 50c
Filter Batch brew / Cold brew — 5.2 Iced Latte — 5 / 5.5
Iced Coffee with ice cream 8

Iced Chocolate with ice cream 8

Iced Mocha with ice cream 8

Iced Matcha 7

Iced Chai 7
Add Coconut ice-cream — 1

LOVE Tea Chai Latte

Loose leaf chai soaked in coconut nectar (v) — 5.5

Hot Chocolate 40% Cocoa (v) — 5

Hot Cacao & Maca milk of choice (v) — 6

Matcha Latte Pure Japanese matcha, milk of choice — 5.5

Turmeric Latte Golden grind powder, milk of choice — 5.5

Pink Rose Latte Beetroot powder, rose water, milk of choice — 5.5


English Breakfast, French Earl Grey, Calming, Peppermint, Lemon grass & ginger, Green, White rose & goji berry — 5

Milkshakes — 8 Kids — 6
Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Espresso (vegan option with coconut ice cream and milk of choice)

Freshly Squeezed OJ (Made in house)

Regular — 6 Large — 8

House Iced Tea

Hibiscus & Orange Iced Tea Soda — 7

Super-food Smoothies

Banana Oat - Oat milk, cinnamon, banana, oats, dates, vanilla protein — 14
add espresso shot +1

Snickers - Almond milk, cacoa, peanut butter, banana, dates — 14

Blueberry - Blueberry, banana, coconut yoghurt, coconut water, chia seeds, vanilla protein — 14

Green - Coconut milk, spinach, pear, banana, hemp seeds, matcha, almond butter — 14

From the fridge

Karma Soda Range — 6

Karma Juices — 6
Freed Iced Tea Sodas — 6

Good Happy Kombucha — 7

Sparkling Water — 4

Lunae Sparkling Water — 6