Beurre Cakes

Beurre Cakes

If you're a fan of cakes, you may have come across Beurre Cakes, a small but beloved business. Introducing the very talented individual behind Beurre Cakes, Zahara.

Beurre means "butter" in French, and it's no coincidence. Butter is, after all, a key ingredient in many baked goods. Before diving into the world of baking Zahara had a career in marketing with Holden for two years.

In 2017, Zahara and her partner embarked on a journey to Paris, where they had the opportunity to work at the renowned bakery in Paris. This experience allowed Zahara to immerse herself in the rich traditions of French pastry-making and gain invaluable skills and knowledge that would later influence her own creations.

Beurre Cakes has always been a labor of love on the side. Despite becoming a parent to two children in Australia, her dedication to crafting exquisite cakes never wavered. This commitment has paid off, as Beurre Cakes has garnered a loyal following of dessert enthusiasts who appreciate the artistry and flavours infused into each creation.

Now, on the brink of a new chapter, the talented baker is about to start working at Petite !!
When not baking up a storm, she comes in to Matilda to enjoy a soy chai latte with a touch of honey.

When asked about her favourite creation, her eyes light up as she described her number 1 recipe: a sponge cakewith marscapone, chantilly cream, and fresh strawberries.

We love Zahara and her beautiful cakes and can’t wait for her to join our team 💖
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