Infinitive - French Tutor

Infinitive - French Tutor

Introducing Miriam, owner of the infinitive language tutors! Infinitive is a local French tutoring company. Miriam has a rich history of loving everything French! She learnt French throughout her schooling and decided to do an extra year of high school in Marseille, France in 2001. Fun fact, that year the Euro was introduced in France.

During her stay in 2001, she became fluent in conversation, as there were many 5 hour long dinner parties, all in French! Her host family owned a deli and a bakery which made her fall in love with Marseille even more.

In 2004-2006 Miriam lived again in Marseille where she worked in a residential community.

For the last 15 years she has been an educator, working at Monash University, Deakin University and now in a secondary school.

Inspired by her job at Deakin, Miriam opened her own business in 2021. Her business name ‘Infinitive’ is a type of verb, a root form of a verb. Meaning once you understand the base form of a language you can do anything! She loves working alongside teenagers, helping grow their confidence in their French speaking abilities. 

Miriam is a regular at Matilda, she is a family friend of our owner, Jacinta & she enjoys pink rose lattes and tuna toasties and we love having her part of our community.

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