LightSpace Yoga

LightSpace Yoga

Meet Claire and Susan, the powerhouse duo behind @lightspaceyoga celebrating 10 years of their business this past February 1st. With studios in Balwyn, Mitcham, Ivanhoe, and online, their journey began from a bedroom in Camberwell to creating sanctuaries of well-being.

@lightspaceyoga isn't just a studio; it's a community. With 124 classes a week and 30 teachers across three studios, they've transformed lives through the power of yoga.

As a mother-daughter team, Claire and Susan focus on creating a sanctuary. Their goal has always been to be an anchor for well-being.
They believe that Yoga is a psychological, emotional, and physical benefit that fosters strength, balance, stress reduction, and self-awareness.

We are lucky to have them part of our community and regulars here at Matilda!

Join @lightspaceyoga for a radiant well-being journey—where yoga goes beyond practice to become a way of life.

@lightspaceyoga introduction offer: $28 for 28 days of unlimited yoga is a bargain and a great way to introduce beginners to yoga! So don’t hesitate to to join their offer ☺️
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