Roxbury Salon

Roxbury Salon

Roxbury Salon stands as a testament to three decades of dedication in the haircare industry… marking its 30th anniversary this June!!! 💇‍♀️
Roxburys journey started many years ago, predominantly based on Mailing Road however they relocated to Camberwell two years ago!

Marlene and Nick, the dynamic couple behind Roxbury Salon, bring a unique synergy to both their personal and professional lives.

Nick has an unconventional entry into the hairstyling world. Initially he wanted a career in motor mechanics, however his dad encouraged him to pursue hairdressing. He found a mentor in Toorak and completed his apprenticeship. After that he boldly established a salon in Mentone at the age of 20, later relocating to Mailing Road until two years ago. Marlene, equipped with a background in operations and finance management, seamlessly joined forces with Nick to navigate the challenges that emerged, particularly during 2020-2021 lockdown times!

Through their shared love for motorcycles, Nick and Marlene started dating in 1998. Their union extends beyond the salon's walls, as Marlene and Nick share a genuine passion for the finer things in life. The couple, proud parents of two boys, not only are food enthusiasts but also love good wine and travel.

The salon prides itself on its commitment to uncompromising haircare, offering chemical free treatments with an emphasis on high-quality natural ingredients to minimise damage and eliminate toxins. They also pride themselves on genuine connection with their clientele.

Roxbury Salon's specialisation lies in a wide array of services, including balayage, lived-in colors, low-maintenance styles, and global colors for all hair types and head shapes. The salon is known for offering a relaxed and luxurious experience, underpinned by the Roxbury teams dedication to personalised consultations.

We love having them as regulars here are Matilda!!
Congratulations on 30 years in the industry!! 💕

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